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First : Accounting, Auditing and Taxation Services :

1) Accounting services :
• Formulating and designing automatic and manual accounting systems, accounting cycles and costing and warehouse systems according to the classification of both Egyptian and international accounting standards.
• Preparing organizational structures and job specifications.
2) External auditing services :
• Performing periodical audit by professional accountants according to both Egyptian and international accounting and auditing standards.
• Auditing and preparing financial statements according to Egyptian and international accounting standards and existing laws.
• Preparing accounting reports and providing it to owners’ equity.
• Evaluating financial management of the entity.
3) Internal auditing services :
• Ensuring effective control systems of the firm over its assets in order to prevent any deviation and to support the firm’s goals in all aspects i.e. financial, organizational and economic in order to achieve international governance principles.
• Designing internal control systems in accordance with Egyptian auditing standards.
• Ensuring that internal control systems are applied in all financial transactions, control over assets and inventory and supervision over annual stocktaking of cash, inventory and fixed assets.
• protecting the company from financial embezzlement, avoiding deficiencies and closing gaps that lead to a high risk which leads to embezzlement and financial losses - Services control and risk management.
• Helping financial management of the firms in the accounting classification in accordance with Egyptian and international standards and issuing annual and periodic financial reports.
4) Tax consulting services :
The company provides variety of services in the field of taxation of different types (general tax, sales tax, salaries and wages tax, stamp tax, real-estate tax, deduct from source tax and all government fees and customs) such as:
• Tax consulting services through the most efficient tax experts.
• Preparing, auditing and following up accruals, tax payables and periodic and annual tax returns.
• Supervision over tax inspection according to inspection regulations and tax laws.
• Representing firms in dispute resolution committees, internal committees, committee of appeals and ending tax position.

Second : Legal Affairs, Project Establishing & F.A. Evaluating :

1) Legal affairs services:
The office provides legal consultants and services to its customers through efficient lawyers in the field of commercial issues, general taxes, sales and executive and administrative seizure such as:
• Representing firms in front of economic, civil and commercial courts as well as
• accounting office’s subject to the ministry of justice in case of the existence of lawsuits against Egyptian tax authority and the ministry of finance and preparing defense supported by documents prepared by legal specialized experts.
• Bringing lawsuits concerning taxes, administrative and executive seizure, commercial transactions, banks and representing customer in all legal aspects concerning taxes and commercial transactions.
• Contract codification, edit, registration and providing all legal consultants for financial and commercial transactions.
2) Firms establishment services:
This department is concerned with establishing firms of all types through:
• Providing customers with technical advice about the legal suggested form to establish the firm.
• Providing all establishment procedures for all types of firms.
3) Project evaluation and feasibility studies services:
• The office provides project evaluation and feasibility studies services from different aspects i.e. legal, technical, environmental, economic and financial analysis by following scientific methods of evaluation and analysis in accordance with Egyptian and International standards and laws issued by Egyptian financial supervisory authority and investment authority.

Third : Human Resources, Hiring and Training Services :

1) Human resources services:
This department is concerned with providing administrative services such as:
• Interviewing and examining candidates on behalf of the firm to occupy financial and administrative jobs.
• Helping in preparing administrative regulations, organizational structures and integrated job description for workers.
• Preparing social security systems according to laws to safeguard rights of both the firm and its workers.
2) Recruitment services:
• Announce job vacancies on behalf of the customers.
• Interviewing and examining applicants and nominating suitable ones.
3) Training services:
This department is concerned with training employees in financial, administrative and other departments through providing specific internships to arrive at the best professional level that benefits the customer and helps at achieving targeted goals such as:
• Practical training on accounting transactions, and accounting cycles from journalizing till the preparation of financial statements in both manual and computerized systems using Excel according to Egyptian and international accounting standards.

Fourth : software services and business development :

Business development solution's and information technology Services: The company has a staff of software developers and many software solutions, which make the implementation and monitoring of the daily work easy.